Monday, July 14, 2008

Human Body Care

Your body is uniquely yours and it's your responsibility to take care of it, to use it and make the most creative use of it so that you will be healthy for whole life. Your body can be affected from the diet you are taking and the environment in which you are living. Body care matters in healthy of a human and it may be of hands, nails, eye and arms care. Your mind rules to your body so try to use fresh food that maintains your body. Always try to use research-proven, simple tips for keeping your body healthy, slim, well and trim.

There are various solutions and technique for body care that works best for different working, hardworking or for them who is taking rest. For making healthy some research proven body tips are mentioned below that work best as requirement and you will get positive result.

Alpha Therapy

This technique helps in maintaining your concentration level. Alpha Therapy uses Sound waves and light for reliving your body from stress and tension. This technique works best for increasing concentration level.

Moisturizing Treatment

This is a well know body care technique. In this technique first of all your body is cleaned that is followed by a well known technique for body care called Massage is used. After that marine sediment is applied in moisturizing technique.

Mud wrap

This treatment is best for removing muscular ache. In Mud wrap treatment as per name implies first warm mud is applied on the body and after that your body is wrapped in a warm blanket. This technique is providing best solution for muscular ache and arthritis.

Seaweed Wrap

This treatment also helps in removing joint pains and muscular ache and cellulite. This treatment is same as Mud Wrap the only difference is that we use oil instead of warm mud. This oil will provide relax to your body and also help in energizing the body, eliminate toxins and nourish the skin.

Steam Bath

This is another popular treatment that is used for body care. This technique helpful in invigorates the body by the steam. This treatment applied in steam diffused room with required oils. This helps in cleaning the skin and invigorates the body.

After exhausting day your body will need some rest and relax this relax can be get from these several treatment that will take care of your body and really beneficial in body care.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Body System

In today's modern world, we are products of a highly technological era, surrounded by machines designed to serve every imaginable purpose. The list of mechanical wonders is endless: dishwashers, refrigerators, telephones, computers, automobiles - all have become commonplace in our everyday lives. In fact, it's difficult to imagine going without these modern conveniences. Unfortunately, when a machine breaks down, it does not have the capacity to repair itself, no matter how advance or well-designed it may be. We must either replace the item, or seek out the help of someone with specialized knowledge to fix the faulty machine. But one machine does exist that comes with its own built-in and highly specialized repair mechanism: The Human Body.

Through an organic rather than technological wonder, the human body is nevertheless an intricate and sophisticated machine, made all the more remarkable because every human is different and unique. When the body "breaks down", falling victim to illness and disease, it is not possible to simply go out and replace it with a new one. Luckily, the body comes equipped with its own mechanism of defense and repair in the form of an elaborate immune system.

The immune system is a complex network of cells and organs, not confined to any one area of the body. It is programmed to fight off any foreign substance that threatens the health of the body. In addition, the immune system clears away dead cells and destroys mutant or altered cells that could become cancerous. It is only within the past 30 years that scientists have really begun to gain even a rudimentary understanding of this valuable and intricate system.

Two main components of the immune system include the bone marrow (which produces white blood cells or leukocytes, that circulate throughout the body to detect and destroy harmful substances) and the thymus (a small organ located above the heart that serves as a sort of training center for immune cells). Specialized cells of the immune system include B cells (which produce antibodies against infectious agents), T cells (which are specially trained by the thymus to recognize the specific invaders), natural killer cells (which wonder through the body and attack cancerous cells) and phagocytes such as the monocyte and macrophage ; also known as "eating cells" (which engulf and destroy microorganisms and debris). Together, these various cells create a strong defense against any substance that threatens the health of the body.

In 1979, immunologist Edwin Blalock discovered that immune cells manufacture several hormones which enable the immune system to coordinate its activities with the bodys' other systems. All of these systems work in tandem to keep us healthy and protect us from threat of foreign substances. The human body is a marvelous but irreplaceable machine and the task of the immune system is to provide the body with superior protection, helping this machine to last a long, long time.